Photos from “Grandma’s Kitchen Alley”

We had a blast participating in the August 17th edition of Restaurant Day, which has both amateur and professional cooks turning public and private spaces into ephemeral restaurants and which extols an anything-goes ethos (while urging participants to adhere to basic safety and hygiene standards). We kept our menu simple: pizza napoletana inspired by the pizza of the same name from Montreal’s former Corona Bakery (video coming soon!), an ice cream sandwich made with Massafan cookies and rosewater ice cream by local pastry chef Kyle Crouch, Sufi golden ginger juice, and chocolate egg creams. Mother nature, after flip-flopping between rain and sun for days, had our backs and bestowed us with clear skies. We served over 50 customers and ran out of food before closing time. A big thank to you to everyone who came by and also those who participated in our drawing activities (post coming soon).  We can’t wait to participate in the next edition of Restaurant day on November 15th!

ALSO: You can hear Sara Cohen-Fournier talking about our little restaurant here on CBC’s All in a Weekend.

Here are some photos from the day. Click on the first photo to browse trough them all in full screen: