Episode 6: Nechama’s Chulent

Our first episode of Dishing Up the Past in a year! In this video, my mother, Nechama Rotstein (nee Godinger), who was born in Israel, teaches Netta (one of my three older sisters) and I how to make her famous Chulent, a Jewish bean stew that we grew up eating on Saturday for lunch after it cooked for 24 hours in the oven on a low heat. As we grew up and left home, Chulent is still my mother’s way of ensuring we come back to visit or sleep over on Friday nights. There was no actual recipe written down, but it was passed on through memory from my grandmother, Safty Hadassah who unfortunately I never got to meet since she passed away before I was born. The “recipe” was adapted over the years, to include a smorgasbord of ingredients that, when they all come together, make a delicious, filling stew especially comforting during our long Canadian winters.

– Myrite Rotstein

Here’s the Video!

Recipe coming soon!

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