Dishing Up the Past Webseries

Dishing Up the Past is an online video series about the recipes and kitchen stories of first and second-generation immigrants in Montreal.


Pilot: Rachel Safdie’s Mehshi Kusa

Episode 1: Gilberte’s Salade Cuite and Vegetable Couscous

Episode 2: Ruth Levy’s Chrimslech

Episode 3: Grandma Hazel’s Poppyseed Cake with Custard Filling and Caramel Icing

Episode 4: Evette Mashaal’s Massafan (Star Cookies)

Episode 5: Grandma Minnie’s Pickles

Episode 6: Nechama’s Chulent

Episode 7: Pizza Napoletana (from the Corona Bakery)

Episode 8: Aaron Cohen’s Dafina (coming soon)