Episode 5: Grandma Minnie’s Pickles

We’re finally featuring our first grandfather on Dishing Up the Past! Though the pickle recipe was brought over from Russia by Minnie Lampcov, her son Harold has been making them for decades with his wife Barbara. In a normal year, they would can about a dozen jars of pickles, which would last the family until the following summer. But this year is different. A few months ago, Harold’s wife passed away; Grandma Barbara is not here to help out anymore. In this video, he passes the recipe onto his granddaughter Sydney in honour of her wedding. Pickles have a special significance in her relationship with fiancé Will; they were his introduction to this creative and resourceful DIY family. With the help of Will and Karen, Sydney’s mother, they hope to make one jar for every guest at their upcoming nuptials. Will they succeed?

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