Episode 1: Gilberte’s Salade Cuite and Vegetable Couscous

Gilberte Cohen-Scali learned Moroccan cooking in little spurts, when her mother would come visit her in Arizona where she was living with her young family. When her mother passed away, Gilberte realized that if she didn’t do something, all of the recipes from that generation would be lost. She spent 13 years collecting recipes from her community for a Sephardic-Moroccan cookbook that was released last year. In this video, she shows us how to make ‘Salade Cuite’, the first dish she learned when she got married, and Vegetable couscous.

Dishing Up the Past – Episode 1 – Gilberte Cohen-Scali's Salade Cuite / Couscous aux Légumes from Roots&Recipes on Vimeo.

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