Initiatives Close to our Heart: VizEat

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via VizEat

We’ve talked about – and participated in – Restaurant Day before, but what if every day could be Restaurant Day? The pleasure of opening up your home and sharing your cooking style with strangers need not be confined to 4 days a year. Initiatives like VizEat are allowing those with a passion for cooking, hosting and entertaining to offer up a meal via their web portal – and for those looking for an authentic, homey meal to partake in the fun.



via VizEat


While websites like CouchSurfing and AirBnb let you live with or like locals, VizEat lets you eat with them! You can try homemade pizza in Italy with Daniele or an authentic french meal in Paris, the city currently with the most hosts – but  it’s not just limited to sit-down meals. Ida in Bangkok hosts a tea party in her garden, Anubhav in New Delhi offers a food walking tour, or you can learn to make tapas in Barcelona – then eat them! Eating out while traveling can be expensive and these meals do come at a price, but generally nowhere near as much as you’d pay in a restaurant. And along with what promises to be a delicious home-cooked meal comes the fun of checking out a local’s home and getting insider tips on the city you are in. It’s as much about the people as it is about the food – VizEat’s tagline is “Authentic food, Authentic people” – and what restaurant can offer that? As we say at Roots & Recipes, “Food brings us together, and one shared plate can produce countless moments and memories”.


For those looking to host a meal, start by creating a profile, posting your menu, some photos, and a little about yourself. You will be notified as soon as someone is interested in booking a meal with you. For those who plan on traveling to one of the growing number of cities that currently have VizEat hosts, simply browse their the meals on offer and book it!

VizEat currently has no Canadian hosts, Roots & Recipes hopes to help pioneer VizEat’s foray into Canadian territory. We are currently designing a grandmother-inspired menu and food experience for VizEat so check the VizEat website soon!