Roots & Recipes Radio Hour: Diet Shifts

The Roots & Recipes Radio Hour streams live via Green Room Radio (Friday morning, 10AM), an initiative out of the Maison Sociale, located at 5386 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Their online radio streams live throughout the day, every day. Check out the live stream here.

In this episode of the Roots & Recipes Radio Hour we take on diet shifts. Ever have to tell your parents that the way they raised you to eat might be wrong? Or become gluten free and vegan in a pizza-loving Italian family? Hosts Jasmin and Myrite talk to a few people who have had to negotiate this territory, and more!

About the Show

Food is a universal part of everyday life. It is something we do at least three times a day and it is intimately tied with memory, family, and every emotion imaginable. There are break-up foods, mourning foods, holiday foods and celebratory foods. Food bridges the gap across cultures, religions, and generations. It is a way into the discussion of broader topics such as health, politics, class, history and gender. It is relevant to everyone, a lens into the world. And it is through this lens that we bring you the Roots and Recipes Radio Hour – where food, memory and culture collide.