As you probably know by now, Roots & Recipes is now doing a weekly radio show over at Green Room Radio (Friday morning, 10AM), an initiative out of the new Maison Sociale, located at 5386 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Their online radio streams live throughout the day, every day. Check out the live stream here.


In this episode of the Roots & Recipes Radio Hour Fullness Coach/Holistic Nutritionist Myrite Rotstein and cohost Chesley Walsh walk us through the history of fad diets, which is surprisingly hilarious, and talk to a couple of people who have tried almost every diet under the sun, including eating nothing but white rice for several months.


About the Show

Food is a universal part of everyday life. It is something we do at least three times a day and it is intimately tied with memory, family, and every emotion imaginable. There are break-up foods, mourning foods, holiday foods and celebratory foods. Food bridges the gap across cultures, religions, and generations. It is a way into the discussion of broader topics such as health, politics, class, history and gender. It is relevant to everyone, a lens into the world. And it is through this lens that we bring you the Roots and Recipes Radio Hour – where food, memory and culture collide.