Roots & Recipes Radio Hour: Family Cookbooks

The Roots & Recipes Radio Hour is now live-streaming on a new day at a new time – Tuesday afternoons at 5PM – via Green Room Radio, an initiative out of the Maison Sociale, located at 5386 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Their online radio streams live every afternoon and evening. Check it out here.

In this episode of the Roots & Recipes Radio Hour, hosts Kat Romanow and Rebecca Lessard talk family cookbooks, featuring conversations with people who have undertaken them and people who have received them as gifts, excerpts from Montreal musician Socalled‘s book launch for ‘Life of Slice’ at Drawn & Quarterly (March 11, 2015) as well as a live interview with Vanessa Salvatore from the Cucina Salvatore food blog.

From this episode:

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