On this episode of the Roots & Recipes Radio Hour we had some very special guests from the Politics of Food and Film class in the Communication Studies department at Concordia University. More about the class here.

For their final project, students had to research alternative players in the Canadian food scene… we talked to some of these students live at Green Room Radio about their projects. Listen to the podcast to find out more!

Finally, resident Mimouna expert Kat Romanow talked about this Passover-ending tradition that is unique to Moroccan Jews.

(if you’d like to download the podcast you can do so over at Soundcloud)

The class takes a cue from Roots & Recipes in incorporating family recipes into one of their projects. Last year the Gazette did as article and video profile about this project. This year we will be including a few of the recipe projects on our site. You can check out the video for Potatoes Ed Moore here and Poor Man’s Pudding here.



Montreal Food Change Project

University Food Report Card


Cycle alimentaire

Coop la maison verte

Red Apron



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