In case you haven’t heard, Roots & Recipes is now doing a weekly radio show over at Green Room Radio (Friday morning, 10AM), an initiative out of the new Maison Sociale, located at 5386 Boulevard St-Laurent in Montreal. Their online radio streams live throughout the day, every day. Check out the live stream here.

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Last week’s hosts Kat Romanow and Jasmin Legatos talked about the food traditions of Passover and Greek Easter and even found some similarities between the two. Kat brought in samples of some matzah creations which Jasmin and some of the patrons at Maison Sociale enjoyed. We will be posting the episodes on our site in the week following the live stream.

(if you’d like to download the podcast you can do so over at Soundcloud)

About the Show

Food is a universal part of everyday life. It is something we do at least three times a day and it is intimately tied with memory, family, and every emotion imaginable. There are break-up foods, mourning foods, holiday foods and celebratory foods. Food bridges the gap across cultures, religions, and generations. It is a way into the discussion of broader topics such as health, politics, class, history and gender. It is relevant to everyone, a lens into the world. And it is through this lens that we bring you the Roots and Recipes Radio Hour – where food, memory and culture collide.