Roots & Recipes presents: A Mimouna Potluck Party

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Roots & Recipes Presents: A Mimouna Potluck Party!

Do you want to learn about how Moroccan Jews celebrate the end of Passover? 
Do you love to cook and learn about new cultures?  Want to shmooze over good food and booze?
Then come take part in this distinctive (and delicious) celebration of the Mimouna in the Mile End!
The Mimouna traditionally takes place on the last night of Passover. Once the holiday is over, Moroccan Jews open up their homes to host family and friends, visiting each other throughout the night. At the centre of these celebrations is the Mimouna table that is filled with a variety of sweet foods- like Mufletta, sweet cinnamon couscous, and Zaban that are traditionally prepared for the holiday.
Roots and Recipes, an organization that collects the recipes and kitchen stories of immigrant grandmothers (and a few grandfathers!) is organizing a Mimouna potluck party so we can introduce this wonderful tradition to the Mile End community. If you come with a dish in hand entry is free!
3 options of dishes you can make:
1. e-mail us at rootsandrecipes {@} gmail {.} com and receive a traditional Moroccan Mimouna recipe to make
2. Bring a dish that is meaningful for you in some way
3. Bring a dish that your family prepares at the end of Passover, or that you look forward to eating at the end of Passover (Pizza, bagels, pancakes!)
When: Sunday, April 27th
Where: Chez Boris, 5151 Parc Avenue
Time: 6pm
Cost:  If you come with a dish entrance is free, if you come empty handed, entrance is $7. Beer and wine will be available for sale at the event.

Please e-mail us at rootsandrecipes {@} gmail {.} com to confirm your participation in the potluck and let us know what you’ll be bringing, or if you would like us to provide you with a recipe.