Cooking Workshop at the ITHQ

The Roots & Recipes team was asked to present a cooking workshop at the ITHQ during Concordia’s Rencontres, when The Lifestories Montreal project presented a month of activities to celebrate 5 years of research and to share some of its findings with the public. Two of the project interviewees, Giberte and Aaron, led a hands-on cooking workshop that included two tasty Moroccan dishes, salade cuite (taktouka) and Harira, a rich soup of chickpeas, lentils, and plenty of fresh herbs. We had discussions about dishes that remind us of home with the workshop participants, who all had very diverse backgrounds. We concluded the workshop by making Chrimslech, matzah and apple pancakes for passover, a recipe which came from one of our interviewees, Ruth.

Here is a little video with a few snippets from the workshop: