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Audrey and Her Grandmother Clarisse: Romanian Hamentaschen


My grandma even told me that they used to give out hundreds of hamantaschen in her village along with wine, like trick or treating! -Audrey When Roots and Recipes first began, my friend… Continue reading

Plenty More: A Roots & Recipes Podcast


  Here’s something a little different. We are delighted to be able to post our first ever Roots & Recipes Podcast featuring hosts Rebecca Lessard and Kat Romanow discussing Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbook Plenty More. Learn more… Continue reading

Ima’s Falafel (Part 2): The Recipe


If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here. Like every other Israeli kid, my mother would ruin her appetite for dinner by spending whatever shekels she could collect on a sandwich at “Melech… Continue reading

Hold the Ketchup, an NFB gem from 1977


“4 million people came to Canada after the war – and that is a lot of different cooking!” In 1977, Albert Kish did an overview of what Canadian newcomers ate, where they shopped,… Continue reading

Dishing Up the Past Trailer Now Online



Food brings us together; one shared plate can produce countless moments and memories. The ‘Dishing Up the Past’ project aims to collect recipes and kitchen stories from first and second generation immigrants in Montreal in an inter-generational video series.

A Taste of Montreal


Here are some short audio pieces about the foods that remind us of family and home. These informal discussions were part of the Going Places workshop, which was part of the Mapping Memories… Continue reading