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Audrey and Her Grandmother Clarisse: Romanian Hamentaschen


My grandma even told me that they used to give out hundreds of hamantaschen in her village along with wine, like trick or treating! -Audrey When Roots and Recipes first began, my friend… Continue reading

Ima’s Falafel (Part 2): The Recipe


If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here. Like every other Israeli kid, my mother would ruin her appetite for dinner by spending whatever shekels she could collect on a sandwich at “Melech… Continue reading

Foods that Remind Us of Home #1 – White Rice with Tahdig (Crust)


We recently asked out facebook group what dishes reminded them of home. Leila is of Iraqi-Iranian descent. When she was studying abroad she would often make rice, persian-style, with a thick crust at… Continue reading