Talking About My Grandmother on RCI

Earlier this week, Carmen Kilkenny interviewed me for the RCI (Radio Canada International) website about the Roots & Recipes project and specifically about the video that I made with my grandmother Rachel Safdie 2 years ago that started it all. The timing is pretty amazing: this weekend marks the 1-year anniversary of my grandmother’s death. As I say in the interview, the video really took on a whole new level of meaning at that point. It’s now a way for me, and for my family,  to visit my grandmother whenever we want. Her death also really made the urgency of this project clear; our grandmothers (and grandfathers) will not be around forever, even though sometimes they seem to have more energy and spirit than we do.



I am so happy I got to make the video with my grandmother before it was too late. At the time, she was 95 and as lively as ever. It is one of my most cherished memories of her, chatting about her childhood and life, getting berated for various things as the cooking progressed, and eating a delicious meal at the end that we had prepared together. I will always miss her; she was an incredible lady.

Here is the interview.

– Rebecca